The Oughtness Group


The Oughtness Group is a development, consulting and investment firm focused on helping communities create and unlock value in neighborhoods.

As a principal developer, The Oughtness Group pursues business and real estate development opportunities where our unique skillset and proven track record can create desirable life outcomes for community residents while simultaneously creating attractive returns for our investors.

In its consulting capacity, The Oughtness Group’s approach is to work with communities to help them assess their unique challenges and opportunities. We then apply rigorous analytics to help them devise a strategy to mitigate their challenges and maximize their opportunities. Through our process, we often help communities unlock tremendous value by turning challenges into opportunities.

In select cases, The Oughtness Group will make capital investments into our client’s initiatives.

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Our Name...

The Oughtness Group derives its name from a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s Nobel Peace Prize speech:

“I refuse to accept the idea that the is-ness of man’s current nature makes him morally incapable of reaching up to the eternal ought-ness that forever confronts him.”


Real Estate Finance and Advisory Services

We assist our real estate clients with a variety of finance related advisory services, including:

  • Investment Analysis
  • Preparation of Investment Memoranda
  • Due Diligence on Prospective Investments and Developments
  • Budgeting for Property Ownership
  • Negotiation Consulting
  • Capital Stack Structuring for New Investments and Refinancings
  • Facilitating Introductions to Capital Sources
  • Assisting Legal Team with Financial Deal Points in Operating Agreements

Strategy Consulting

We assist our operating business clients with a suite of services that help them maximize the effectiveness, including:

  • Business Plan Preparation and Optimization
  • Competitive Research and Analysis
  • Budgeting and Valuation
  • Human Resources Planning
  • Implementation


In select instances, The Oughtness Group makes strategic investments in its clients’ ventures.

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